Examples of Problems Found By IBIS 2000 Professionals

Electrical Problems

Potential electrical problems are often hidden under insulation although some are left out in the open.

Leaky Homes


These are of a potential leaky home (in fact this one was actually leaking), scary isnít it ?
Another company inspected this property 3 weeks before and said there was nothing wrong

and no further action was required !!!!  That is even more scary !



Lights & Insulation


These photos show poor fitting insulation and insulation that is too close to recessed ceiling lights.  

Note the green anti-blaze paper that has been scorched as this was lying over a recessed halogen ceiling light, a fire hazard.


Insulation not complying with building code or NZ Standards.



Linea Weatherboard Issues


Installation of the Linea Weatherboards not complying with manufacturers specifications.


Sub Floor Issues


These photos shows sub floor issues, one with wet timber from a leak from a shower mixer.


Waste Water Issues

The photo below shows an unsealed sewer pipe that was identified.


Switch Board Issue

The photo below shows gaps in switch board (a safety issue).


Hot Water Exhaust Pipe Issue

The photo below shows a non-compliant HWC exhaust pipe (a safety issue).